2017dcmf_Conductor and Honorary Music / Artistic Director GUM NANSE


지휘 및 명예예술감독 금난새

서울대학교, 베를린 음대 졸업

카라얀 콩쿠르 입상(1977)

유러피안 마스터 오케스트라 음악감독 겸 상임지휘자, KBS교향악단 전임지휘자, 수원시향 상임지휘자, 경기도립오케스트라 예술감독, 인천시립교향악단 예술감독, 국립창원대학교 음악대학 석좌교수 역임

모스크바 필하모닉, 독일 캄머 오케스트라 등 지휘

벤처 오케스트라유라시안필하모닉 오케스트라(현 뉴월드 오케스트라) 창단(1998)

해설이 있는 청소년 음악회’ 94-99년 전회 전석 매진 기록

도서관 음악회’, ‘해설이 있는 오페라’, ‘포스코 로비 콘서트’, ‘캠퍼스 심포니 페스티벌’, ‘뮤직 인 잉글리쉬등 다채롭고 신선한 프로젝트 연구

산업현장, 학교, 군부대, 정부기관, 도서벽지 등 '찾아가는 음악회'로 소외지역 문화향수 기회 제공

제주 뮤직아일 페스티벌’, ‘무주 페스티벌 & 아카데미등 개최

월드심포니 오케스트라창단 및 국내 5대도시 순회 연주(2008)

한국 CEO 그랑프리 문화예술부문 수상(2006), 30회 세종문화상 대통령상 예술부분 수상, 계명대학교 명예철학박사학위 수여(2008, 국내 최초)

) 뉴월드 필하모닉 음악감독, 성남시립교향악단 상임지휘자 및 예술 총감독, 한경필하모닉 상임지휘자 및 예술감독, 서울예술고등학교 교장, 한국대학생연합오케스트라(KUCO) 지휘자, 농어촌희망오케스트라(KYDO) 지휘자, 한국민간오케스트라협의회(KOA) 회장, 라움아트센터 예술감독


Conductor and Honorary Music / Artistic Director GUM NANSE

A forceful and dynamic conductor whose love and understanding for music has made Gum Nanse one of the most respected in his field. In 1977 Gum was one of the prize winners at the prestigious ‘Herbert von Karajan Conductor's Competition (4th prize) and was given an opportunity to conduct Berliner Philharmoniker. Since returning home in 1980, he was appointed as the principal conductor of KBS Symphony Orchestra for 12 years. In 1992 Gum moved to Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra. At the time Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra was a struggling orchestra and had difficulties attracting audiences. Gum is credited for refining the quality of their performance and also refreshing orchestra’s image. While he was in Suwon, Gum also organized a series of special concerts with Suwon Philharmonic such as ‘7-hour Marathon Concert’ and ‘New Year’s Eve Concert at Seoul Arts Center’. It was during this period that Gum initiated a new educative concert series for young students in collaboration with Seoul Arts Center in 1994 titled, 'Young People's Concerts with Gum Nanse'. The concerts were particularly popular among young students and the concerts remained sold-out for six consecutive years from 1994 to 1999. Since 1997 Gum has been primarily engaged in the activities of Euro-Asian Philharmonic Orchestra(now, New World Philharmonic Orchestra) which he founded. Apart from New World Philharmonic, he served as the artistic director of Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra(2006-10) and Incheon Philharmonic Orchestra(2010-14) consecutively.

Gum's creative ideas and new approaches to classical music are well reflected in his concerts. Gum's concerts are not just limited to traditional concert halls and Gum strongly believes that classical musicians should extend their talents to the audience regardless of venues. In the past, Gum organized a series of concerts in places such as Korean steel giant POSCO’s headquarters building in Seoul. In the lobby of POSCO Center, Gum and Euro-Asian Philharmonic gave sold-out concerts with programs that included complete Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Brahms Symphonies. Thanks to Gum, POSCO Center’s lobby area is now considered as a new kind of cultural venue in Seoul. It seems only natural that he is widely recognized as a musician who contributed significantly in reenergizing classical music scene and making it more accessible to a wider audience in Korea. In recent years, Gum has been also active as a festival director. Notably he founded the 'Music Isle Festival in Jeju’ in 2005 and the 'Manhattan Chamber Music Festival’ in 2012. The 'Music Isle Festival in Jeju’ joined the European Festivals Association(EFA) in 2010. Gum is now Principal of Seoul Arts High School and regularly conducts Korea United College Orchestra(KUCO) which consists of non-music major students from 25 universities nationwide. He also conducts Korea Young Dream Orchestra(KYDO) which consists of young, amateur music-loving adolescents from 25 small provincial towns once a year. Currently, Gum is artistic director of Seongnam Philharmonic Orchestra and Hankyung Philharmonic Orchestra. In September 2015, Gum was appointed as the Principal Guest Conductor of Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra